How we work

Comprehensive service to corporate clients requires not only extensive knowledge and experience in legal issues

We aim to provide our Clients with more than just sound legal service. We believe that an intelligent and experienced lawyer, properly aware of his role, is capable of giving a client more. He can make the law a tool for your business and not an obstacle to it, enabling the implementation of non-standard ventures. In short he can ensure a competitive advantage.

There is no doubt that the attainment of these objectives requires broad knowledge and even broader experience from a lawyer. It also requires a special relationship based on a common language and on an understanding of the client’s business and vision.

Our work begins not by giving answers, but by formulating questions and investigating the root of the problem. An identification of threats, risk assessment and, ultimately, a proposal of the best solution is the essence of a lawyer’s work. That is why when seeking optimum solutions, we act with our client and consider alternative paths of action, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats. A synergy of experience is conducive to choosing the best solution. We aim to be more than merely a service provider, but part of a team, an advisor within the full meaning of the word.

We distinguish between real problems and apparent ones. We avoid creating additional doubts and succumbing to a simplification of reality. We ensure our clients legal security, but we do not constrain their creativity. This is how we perceive the sense of legal advisory.