Comprehensive service to corporate clients requires not just extensive knowledge and experience in corporate issues and a familiarity with the legal circumstances involved in the realization of investment projects. It also requires imagination and a planned strategy for defending a client’s interests if there is the likelihood of a dispute.

Our work focuses on four main areas:

  • Real estate and construction investments, including greenfield investments;
  • Commercial law, including company law and M&A;
  • Project finance and restructuring, including insolvency law;
  • Commercial proceedings before courts, negotiations and arbitration.

As part of our business concept of legal advisory, requiring that we consider a client’s problem broadly and suggest the best solutions, we regularly work together with tax advisors and audit professionals.

Real estate and construction investments

Delivering advisory in transactions on the property market and during investments is one of our core areas of business. We ensure investors and property developers of comprehensive service for their projects, ranging from the acquisition of land, preparation of due diligence reports, taking care of the administrative work for the investment and providing services during the construction process, all the way to the commercialization of the completed sites. We also accompany our clients in the process of obtaining funding for their projects.

Having been active in legal advisory to the property market for years, we know investors' requirements and expectations "from the inside". On the basis of this experience, we have created a special product for our clients – unique on the legal services market. We have named it the "Property Developer's Package”.

This is a tailor-made product. Its components depend on the specific nature of a project and the investor's requirements. However, a fixed component of the Package is the availability of ready, tried and tested solutions (including contracts with the general contractor and architect, agreements for the sale or lease of premises, packages of tenders to choose a general contractor), adapted to the client’s individual needs and available at a fixed rate depending on the scale and complexity of the project.

In the Project Developer's Package we offer comprehensive service for the following construction project stages:

  • due diligence report on the project, with the possibility of expanding it to include the non-legal aspects of the project (financial, architectural, environmental) at the client's request;
  • Purchase of property, with advice on financing the purchase;
  • The administrative work of preparing the project;
  • The construction process;
  • Commercializing the site.

The package also includes:

  • Participation in consultations, ongoing advice and problem-solving, and
  • Preferential fees for a preliminary analysis of construction projects.

Commercial law

A second key area of our business after real estate is comprehensive advisory services to entrepreneurs within the field of corporate law and mergers and acquisitions. We ensure comprehensive legal advisory service to entrepreneurs, starting from advice in choosing the best form of conducting business, via the incorporation, transformation and merger of a company, all the way to the winding-up of business.

We have many years' experience in providing advice on mergers and acquisitions to both Polish and foreign clients, including private equity funds.

We offer comprehensive corporate service to companies and their governing bodies for a fixed fee that depends on the size and scale of the client's business. Moreover, we provide ongoing commercial services for the business of our clients, making sure that they develop safe relationships with their business partners and that they comply with specific administrative regulations applicable to a given sector.

Project finance and restructuring

We advise our clients in negotiating optimum and secure conditions for financing projects, using bank loans and private equity funds. We provide advisory in respect of the entire process of obtaining funding, including the drafting and implementation of collateral documentation. Our professional experience includes cooperation with numerous Polish banks and international financial institutions.

We represent clients in insolvency proceedings and advise them on selecting the best legal solutions guaranteeing a restructuring of their financial liabilities.

Commercial proceedings before courts, negotiations and arbitration

We provide comprehensive service in disputes. We help formulate a negotiating strategy and choose the best way to seek compromises. We represent our clients in court proceedings, including before arbitration tribunals.